Manjaro Gnome stuck on boot screen

Hello all,
A few days ago I installed Manjaro Gnome on my laptop as a complete reinstall no dual boot. Every time i try to turn the laptop on it gets stuck on the boot screen. It’s not until I force shutdown with the power button and turn it back on that it gets to the desktop. I’ve checked the bios for my laptop and think it did everything right. I’m not sure what the issue is or now to fix it. I’m using the latest version of manjaro gnome with proprietary drivers (nvidia). It’s also just manjaro on the laptop no dual boot. If anyone knows how I can fix this some help would be great.


This suggests a potential hardware problem during cold boot. Maybe your BIOS ─ or UEFI ─ needs an update?

What you could try ─ no success guaranteed ─ is install an LTS kernel and use that instead. LTS kernels are generally more stable than the mainline kernels, especially with some older hardware. But do make sure that you then also install the correct Nvidia driver for that kernel.

After reading your reply I looked into the Bios settings and found multiple different settings for UEFI. After a bit of trial and error I got it working without the freezing.

Thank you for your help