Manjaro-gnome-settings dependency mess? Error with qgnomeplatform-qt5

Trying to update manjaro-gnome-settings I get error message:

resolving dependencies...
warning: cannot resolve "qgnomeplatform-qt5", a dependency of "manjaro-gnome-settings"

When I check dependencies for manjaro-gnome-settings it is different if I check with pamac:

Depends On            : adw-gtk-theme gnome-wallpapers manjaro-base-skel manjaro-gdm-branding qgnomeplatform qgnomeplatform-qt6 ttf-hack xcursor-breeze

and pacman:

Depends On      : adw-gtk-theme  gnome-wallpapers  manjaro-base-skel  manjaro-gdm-branding  qgnomeplatform-qt5  qgnomeplatform-qt6  ttf-hack  xcursor-breeze

I have both qgnomeplatform and qgnomeplatform-qt6 installed. I cannot explicitly install qgnomeplatform-qt5 because it does not exist in official repo. Though I can build it myself, but I am not sure it is the right way since qgnomeplatform (which is already installed) is a base package for both qgnomeplatform-qt5 and qgnomeplatform-qt6

What should I do?

There’s a couple of us in the stable announcement thread reporting on it too.

I think we just sit tight for the time being, bound to be a simple fix.

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Same problem, have not found a way to fix this, Tried forcing it with:

sudo pacman -Sy gnome-control-center

But it only reinstall’s the file and still tells me i have an update for it.
So not sure what going on.

And it looks like it is being fixed right as we speak, latest commit just minutes ago:

Mark Wagie authored 1 minute ago

  • version bump for testing / unstable
  • revert qgnomeplatform package name for stable with 20220519-2
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Whoops. Fixed with manjaro-gnome-settings 20220519-2.


Rebooted my computer and got the 20220519-2 update but now i have this error/warning.

warning: manjaro-gnome-settings: local (20220519-2) is newer than community (20220519-1)

So do i leave it alone or do i pacman -Syyuu???

UPDATE: Looks like this has been fixed as i no longer see the warning.

Just for future reference, unless the package is specifically causing you issues, you can wait for the repos to catch up or have a newer version. But if you did want to get back in sync sudo pacman -Syyuu does the trick.

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