Manjaro Gnome parity

Im just trialing Manjaro Cinnamon as I like this particular desktop but I noticed that a lot of programs that I use are not in the Software Centre. I checked and there seem to be no Snap or Flatpack support out of the box. Is this the case? Are there other major things that are not the same as the standard versions of Manjaro.

I have noticed that even though Ive enabled AUR support it doesnt find all sorts of apps that I know are on AUR like OpenRazer for example and Stremio and Zoom and Ferdi.

I manually enabled Flatpacks but they still don’t show nor will they install from the Flathub website. So all in all this is a completely useless install so far. Just wondering if something has gone wrong or if this is how Manjaro Cinnamon is.

I just want to check this before I install onto a harddrive.

Also Firefox doesn’t seem to go fullscreen on Cinnnamon when you disable title bars. Is this a known thing?

It finds all those for me:

$ pamac search -q openrazer
$ pamac search -q stremio
$ pamac search -q zoom
$ pamac search -q ferdi

I believe the XFCE edition also uses pamac so the graphical application should display these results as well.

There is a “Software Mode” in Pamac Manager which hides “System Software” and similar, just like any other App-Store. Uncheck it and maybe update the Database, then you should see the programs.

The database is the same on all Manjaro Desktops.

No idea. Normally these plugins must be installed: libpamac-flatpak-plugin and libpamac-snap-plugin. Maybe on Cinnamon it is not installed by default.

Ive reinstalled the virtual box and now it is finding those. I guess something must have been corrupted somehow. But Flatpack definitely doesnt seem to be there out of the box. Hmm edit when I installed flatpak it said it was already installed and it was reinstalling. But the Flatpak option is not there in Pamac.

That wasnt enabled.

Its really odd. In Pamac the options for Snap and Flatpak are not there. Also I havnt seen any flatpak entries for software. But when I tried to install Flatpak it says its already there and it will update it. So I have no idea whats going on. But so far this is already proving to be too much of a ballache.

I also use Manjaro Cinnamon, and I can confirm that there is no flatpak / snap support in pamac out of the box. You have to install libpamac-flatpak-plugin and libpamac-snap-plugin and enable them on Third Party page.