Manjaro GNOME-NEXT ( 17.0.1 - Gnome Release 3.24)



Hi community , we are proud to announce the avaiablity of the Isos for Manjaro Gnome-Next .

This is a preview release and ship the incoming new release of Gnome 3.24.1 . For do that i have create a separate repo with the new gnome pkgs . This isos are build with the unstable repo , minimal pkgs and intended to preview as it is , so use with care .
The repo added is this :
and anyone can add in the pacman.conf to install the 3.24.1 version ( please with care :wink: )
one note : the repo want added before the our extra repo in the pacman.conf to work .
If you decide to use this iso when gnome come in our unstable repo remember to remove the repo :slight_smile:
In this release i have also added the gnome-intial-setup and i have switched to wayland to default . For the gnome-initial-setup ( the welcome gnome screen ) i see at now only one issue : when the setup is finished the page for the gnome help is not found .

Have fun with Gnome 3.24.1

Cheers and happy Easter :ribbon:
Stefano Capitani

Should Manjaro dial back their GNOME spin?

Will you hide some easer eggs in the ISO / repo? :wink: :rabbit2:


No enough about eggs :confounded: … Today too many chocolate eggs :grin:


Did you notice any application icons missing? - I was trying to move to wayland on the current stable branch but moved back to as e.g. for LibreOffice the icons were missing in the left sidebar.


Yep , i have switched to see the state of wayland now in community… and yes i use the topbar extension and example for the icon terminal in the 70% of case appear … i not see libreoffice ( used today in my system but i not take attention of this :blush: )…


Yay! Need to test it asap :smiley: thank you @Ste74 for such a great Easter gift!


Thank you @Ste74!! Downloading!


“Open as administrator” in nautilus and wayland session doesn’t work.


Turning of the location service destroys the session.


Needs nautilus-admin from the AUR?



@c00ter seem this feature for gvfs not work for now
gnome 3.24 have native implementation …


Yhea this confirm is not ready the welcome screen :innocent:


Nice article, @Stefano. That will make things easier. I like their solution–it is sensible (for GNOME). Also nice to see 3.24 is on the good side of their “tick-tack” release schedule. Very nice. :smiley:

D/L-ing it now. 3.24 has been in Arch’s [GNOME-Unstable] since 03/21, quite some time for Arch…



Yep , i not remeber where i read this but if i remember correctly gnome come out in arch after 25/04 :wink:


Booted Live ISO. Nautilus is a little confusing with Admin stuff, but it is just a matter of getting used to it.

I like the gnome-initial-setup runtime. That adds a bit of class back to GNOME. :wink:

Good build–did it default to Wayland, I didn’t notice? Anyway, looking forward to your final build. :smiley:



Yep , my error i have missed the install of nautilus-admin extension … this extension have to be removed


I updated gnome from 3.22 to 3.24 using this repo. have modified the /etc/gdm/custom.conf but still cannot log into wayland session. When logging in the default is Xorg. Is there anything else need modified? with nvidia proprietary driver. tks. :grin:


Same with me on live usb 3.24. I’m not 100% but I think you need EGL streams so you need glvnd 17.1rc it’s just out

@Ste74 is it possible to include 17.1rc1 support so that us with nvidia can enjoy wayland??? ^___^ (I think package name is mesa-git but I’m not sure)


Thanks, it seems that we still need to wait for the update of glvnd


Got some random drops and logouts in different places/actions (they do not repeat in the same place) but that’s on default Wayland. Still it works much better and smooth (for the first time) than previous versions. @Ste74 is there any way i could help you with this new release?

EDIT: No crashes with Flatix Theme so that’s the good news :smiley: All the Numix based themes will work fine too then!