Manjaro gnome liveUSB doesn't boot

Hi guys,
I have a very strange problem getting manjaro gnome edition to boot,
The problem is that when i want to get bios menu of bootable drives it shows a blank screen, however xfce and kde editions work flawlessly on the same usb stick.
Checked the sha1sum no problem there, used dd command and balena etcher and still problem exists

Thank you for your attention
The problem is a little odd actually bios doesnt load anything if i have the usb stick in it doesnt even load bios settings and gets stuck in a black screen.
I checked the usb drive it works on other laptops and exactly yesterday i installed manjaro kde on the laptop i have problem with now.
Is there any way that might be problem with the kernel compatibility issue with my laptop?

What is your CPU architecture? (x86 or x86-64)

Its x86-64 intel core i7 4770
Asus n56 laptop

Sounds like your USB is passive aggressively suggesting you should use KDE ( you should) instead of GNOME.

To clarify, the problem was from a bad usb stick and unfortunately has broken southbridge chip on motherboard.