Manjaro Gnome: Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working As Expected

I have been using Manjaro for just over a year, but I recently performed a fresh install after trying out a different distro (I don’t think I will ever leave Manjaro Gnome!). One of my favorite things about Gnome is the keyboard shortcuts, but after my fresh install I noticed most of these had changed. I was able to edit my keyboard shortcuts and change some preferences (i.e. Super+[0-9] to launch favorites as ordered in the dock) but some of these shortcuts still don’t seem to have any effect, or perform unreliably.

For instance, in the shortcuts I have assigned Super+A to show all applications (this was default in my previous install) but in reality Super+A switches to workspace 1 (left-most workspace). I’ve searched all shortcuts to confirm no shortcut could be assigned and overriding Super+A => Show All Applications. Also, some of my dash to dock favorites launch with Super+[0-9] but some do not, and those that do launch only launch sometimes, it is not a reliable shortcut.

The above summarizes my issue, but in case it is useful here is some additional info and troubleshooting steps:

In my most recent install the delete key on my keyboard did nothing, searching through the keyboard shortcut settings I discovered that it had been reassigned for some workspace function (I am sorry I don’t remember what exactly). I found it strange that so many keyboard shortcuts had been assigned to managing workspaces, and disabled all of them except for the one I actually use: Super+ Page Up / Page Down to move left and right among workspace.

Enabled extensions include AppIndicator and KStatusNotifierItem Suppert, Dash to Dock, Gnome 4x UI Improvements, Pamac Updates Indicator, and X11 Gestures. I have not modified these except to enable Super+[0-9] shortcuts from within the Dash to Dock settings.

I am running 5.13.19-2-MANJARO installed with the Pahvo installer in late November.

Thanks for any help you may be able to offer.