manjaro gnome is awesome.....

good morning to everyone , after about 2 years from my first installation , manjaro changed a lot , and became human


yes it is

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While I'm more of a KDE type of person, I must say, those screenshots sure are pretty. :star_struck:

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thank you .....!!!!!!!!

There is already a topic to show your desktop Neat November (2019) Screenshots and there is also one to praise Gnome GNOME is Great!

Just saying... :wink:


thank you....I didn't know sorry

How did you get the little Manjaro icon centered next to the clock?

I think it is Arc menu

Oh, I should have known. I had just never seen it centered.

right "click" in manjaro menu ....then "arc menu settings"...."GENERAL" and then "menu button position in panel"..........

Learn something new. Just been used to having it in the upper-left and thought nothing of it. But having it centered next to the clock... I really like it!

It's the little things. :slight_smile:

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