Manjaro Gnome Hangs While Booting at the Grey Screen with 3 Dots

So I woke up my computer from the “suspend” mode today and tried to log in with my password only for the login screen to not accept the password I knew for a fact to be the right one. (I’m positive) I even un-hid the password to make sure it was right. After a few tries, I tried restarting my computer to fix the issue. After my computer posted however, the OS got stuck at the grey screen with the three white dots while booting up. I know it gets stuck because there’s no hard drive activity and the computer stays at that screen for several minutes. I encounted the same issue even after rebooting several times.

I was wondering if there was a way to see any errors that might be happening under the hood. (like the console output you see while other distros boot up) I tried pressing Ctrl + Alt + F3 to see such an output, but that didn’t work. I’d attach a picture so you all can see the screen I’m talking about, but my account is too new or something.

Did you ever find a solution to this? Recently I tried booting into Manjaro and I’m stuck on a grey screen. If I try and drop into a TTY nothing happens and the machine freezes until I go back to CTRL + ALT + F1.