Manjaro Gnome guest on Mac OS host fails after Manjaro update

Been having lots of issues with Manjaro Gnome v 20.03-200606 linux56.iso installed on a Virtualbox host v 6.1.14 running on Mac OS Catalina10.15.6.

I can get it installed from my iso, but after the first system update (from terminal command pacman -Syyu), the system is very laggy, and after getting to the login screen and entering password, the session doesn’t start and loops back to the login screen.

As a sanity check, I’ve installed Linux Mint 20 on the very same Vbox host, and it works flawlessly.

Not sure how to get back to a clean working install of Manjaro from here. This is the same computer that ran Manjaro Gnome for 9 months, and had problems after the last Mac OS update. Supposedly, the latest version on Vbox fixed the issues, and it seems that with Linux mint it has.

Would appreciate some help if possible. Many thanks in advance.

Linux 5.6 is EOL. You may need to change the kernel.

So reinstall, change the kernel to 5.4 (lts), then update? If 5.6 is end of life, why is the current Manjaro Gnome distro shipping with it? Thanks for your suggestion.

linux58 iso from manjaro website.

Thanks, got a bit further and was able to install and boot into the new system, however using the default video mode in Vbox (VMSVGA), I get a spam screen on startup “FAILED to start Virtualbox Guest VMSVGA resize client”. I can boot in VBox SVGA mode, but get a flickering screen which is unusable.

Just posted about this, see if this helps.

Thanks for that! I was able to uninstall those packaes via the GUI and when I ran the Oracle guest additions iso got amessage that my system wasn’t set up to create kernels. I installed via the GUI the kernel headers and ran the guest additions again, was successful and rebooted into a stable screen! YAY!

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