Manjaro gnome freeze after 2020-03-24 update

Hi all, today i updated my system and rebooted.
Screen freezes when menu (or app list) is triggered. The menu bar still works and i am able to reboot. No problem at all with gnome classic or plasma desktop.

I use nvidia drivers 440 with xorg.

Any help? Is the bug confirmed?


Wayland or Xorg?

I think there is something with Wayland and one of the shell extensions - but I am not a Gnome user - please check the announcement for the update.

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I am using Xorg, but it is possibile that the problem is related to the process. I used the gui as usual...nobody can ask every user to read forum notes before every system update :sweat_smile:
Is there a possible fix?

Yet it is close to mandatory - as you can see.

I am a former Gnome user - been using Openbox window manager for the past years - and therefore - I have no idea.

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I think every user of rolling distro should pay attention when big updates come alive. Or just remember that every update should be done in TTY. I do it since September and did not have major problem. I always check updates in Pamac and when I see there are lots of packages I do not update there and switch to TTY. It is easy to remember and not time costly as repairing broken system.

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And nobody else (but you) benefits by keeping your system healthy.

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There is a fix! If you're not interested in reading notes before updates and just want to click ok, Windows is a solid fix.

Linux is exactly as you make it, that's the beauty of it. To be the owner of your own device. That takes a little work


I didn't mean to offend someone for the beautiful work made. My machine has a couple of years now and never had a problem with Manjaro.
I mean...why put a tool if you are not meant to use it? I will try to fix it...

Starts by disabling any extensions you might have. It seems some are causing issues.

Hi @rousou I had the same problem just after this last major gnome update and I fixed the freezing problem updating all extensions (and removing the ones I don't use) through the web browser.
After that, I just restarted the session and everything was fine again.

Hope it works for you.

All the best.

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Got this problems too, after updating all the extensions to latest version and disable all broken and unneeded extension then doing reboot the problem was gone.

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