Manjaro Gnome Edition often crashing/freezing

So my Pc running Manjaro Gnome Edition is often crashing or freezing at simple tasks like using firefox.
I know that this is not normal, since my notebook also runs Manjaro and is completely fine.
Specs of my system:
CPU Ryzen 5 3600
GPU Rx 570 4gb
Mobo Aorus B450M
two input and one output case fan. amd prism for the cpu
Thanks in advance

Do you have some extensions enabled? If so, which?

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Dash to Dock, KStatus notifier, pamac updates indicator, pop shell, user themes and that’s it

The (non default) extensions could be the culprit.

However, I have some experience with similar/same hardware, and I know for a fact that some RAM kits have “issues” with their default XMP profiles, leading to incomprehensible random crashes. In such case, you would need to slightly increase the tRC value of the RAM from the BIOS, as default XMP profile values are too tight (despite being theoretically correct).

The Corsair kits I had on hands, in particular, I noticed the issue with.
The Crucial kits I had on hands, have by default slightly higher tRC value in their XMP profile, than the theoretically correct value and don’t have the issue. If you have time to ‘waste’ you could do LargeFTT test from mprime and if you have errors it is probably it.

Maybe before exploring this, explore the extensions suggestion. I can’t help with that though as I’m not a GNOME user.

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To find what kind of errors you get when your machine freezes a log of the previous boot could help in locating the problematic component. To list the log of the previous boot cycle (the one before your machine froze) input this in the terminal:
journalctl -b-1 --priority=err
and your system info:
inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host --width
To share it with users on the forum paste the output between 3 backticks, the format makes it easy to read.

Your log here

Your systeminfo here

Tip: to safely shut down a frozen computer use REISUB
Something I have seen to work in the past with users on the forum: Open the layout switcher, switch to another layout and back to your desired layout again.

Try to remove TLP (pamac remove tlp) - and reboot, to see if the freezing stops.

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