Manjaro Gnome Consume Alot CPU & RAM Even If I don't use any other software

I've installed manjaro gnome just yesterday but i've been noticing since yesterday that even if i don't use any software, manjaro gnome itself consume a lot RAM as well as CPU,
What might be the solution?

Whats using it?


First disable the dynamic wallpaper. Is not Manjaro Gnome consuming memory and CPU. Also you can disable mntray for now and report back.

i’ve no idea, i checked task manager and i think it’s manjaro-gnome built in components, also i’m not using any other software neither any third party software are running in the background.

sure! thanks for your help. I appreciate and i really love this community.

Another thing that you can disable to free up a lot of resources is evolution data server. You loose the calendar events in calendar and the email application geary, but it frees up hundreds of megabytes if ram.