Manjaro Gnome - Auto mount Google Drive account with user service after Network is available

With the terminal command:
gio mount google-drive://
you can mount the gdrive network with the user right

Create the file mountgdrive.service in the folder ~/.config/systemd/user (if not existing just create it) with the following content (example):

Description=mount GDrive network XYourname

ExecStart=/usr/bin/gio mount google-drive://


set the file to executable with the command:
chmod 764 ~/.config/systemd/user/mountgdrive.service

activate the service with the command:
systemctl --user enable mount-mwagdrive.service

check if the service is working can be done with the command:
systemctl --user start mount-mwagdrive.service

After rebooting and logging in again, gdrive should be mounted. You can see this in the file manager.

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