The manjaro-gnome-assets meta package can make things more challenging when switching/adding desktops because it includes manjaro-gnome-settings.

All the manjaro-*-settings packages conflict with each other for obvious reasons but usually removing the old one is sufficient to resolve the issue. With this meta package you can’t install another desktop without removing manjaro-gnome-assets. Doing that will orphan a ton of gnome packages beyond manjaro-gnome-settings.

Is there an elegant packaging solution that would allow you to install a different manjaro-*-settings package without orphaning(or removing) all these gnome packages?


When I started out on the openbox journey - one of the things I heard on the grapevine was - openbox wm should be installable in conjunction with other environments so I have been trying to solve this for some time now. I have not been able to come up with - as you put it - an elegant solution :slight_smile:

I am aware of the conflict so I have been checking all the other packages for file conflicts and tried to split those files out in a small package to avoid the conflicts.

The status of my experiment is that I now have 5 packages

  • desktop settings package which conflicts with manjaro-desktop-settings
  • common settings which is shared by all openbox variations

I have 3 packages with the specifics for variations which only holds the specifications for the menus and the mimetypes - due to different package selection

  • basic
  • minimal
  • regular

This is not an elegant solution - but a least there should be no overlap and while my conflicting desktop package do hold some vital theming files - anyone installing the other packages will probably be able to fix the theming issues.

Mabox to Manjaro Openbox migration