Manjaro Gnome - Activities Overview layout broken



Hello there. I’ve been using Manjaro Gnome for a couple of months and some recent updates broke the layout of my Activities Overview.

When opening the view, the workspace switcher shows up almost in the middle of the screen, and the apps are squished in the corner. After hovering the mouse over the workspace switcher, it goes back to the right place and works fine afterwards.

I can’t really say which date the update that broke this was released, since I just updated/noticed the bug yesterday. It was about 6 packages, including systemd.

I’ve already tried disabling all extensions, changing themes and rebooting but the issue still happens.

I know it’s just a minor issue but any help would be appreciated.



Not a real fix, but installing “Always Zoom Workspaces” extension apparently solved the issue.


This is either a theme issue or an extension issue. Start by changing the theme, if that does not cure it then turn off all extensions and activate them one by one until you hit the one causing the problem. Then report it to the extension developer. It looks like you are using a version of adwaita so it is most likely an extension causing the problem.


I had disabled all extennsions and changed themes before, seems like none of them were causing the issue.