Manjaro Gnome 3.32 - Super button does not display applications side by side


Hi There,

I just did an upgrade to Gnome Version 3.32.0. The Super key however does not display the applications side by side anymore. Some have an overlap, others are completely hidden behind another.

Does someone know how to show the open applications back side by side?




Not sure i understand the issue you have. Maybe some visuals will help.
Use this service for showcasing the issue with screenshots



This is a screenshot of my desktop. You see the Opera browser in a small format. Terminator is refusing to shrink down and in the back you see a virtual machine shining through the launcher strip at the left.

Firefox is also hidden somewhere...

All I did is was a full update of the system



And what extension/s you use for that ? Have you tried to disable it (for a moment) and see if it is the one causing this issue ?



Allright @bogdancovaciu !!

I recall this feature as being standard in the system. I never added an extension for this. But I tried disabling some extensions in Gnome Tweaks and it turned out it was Windownavigator which was messing up things. Not sure how as the description says only something about the and buttons.

Anyhow I'm happy with switching of the extension... Thanks for your kind help !!

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