Manjaro Gnome 20.2.1 and my Hybrid laptop

Hello Gnome Team,

my hybrid laptop works very well with Manjaro Gnome 20.2.1. Despite it, I have some questions to ask you.

  1. Is there a way that I don’t choose my user in the GDM login screen and that screen only ask me my password, when it starts ? For now, I must choose my user on the screen.

  2. In terminal, the characters are in colours. I only want the characters in black or white color depending on whether the background is black or white ? How to change it ?

  3. My touchpad is recognized as a mouse and not as a touchpad. It didn’t work under plasma but it also doesn’t work under Gnome. See it:
    My touchpad is not found under kde plasma

  4. I installed the 5.10.2 kernel (as the kernel 5.9.16 is EOL). Before, I could use the Fn+F5 keys to switch to external monitor with 5.9.1x kernel (some things displayed on the screen despite the laptop was not connected to an external monitor). Now, with the 5.10.2 kernel, nothing happens. So now , must an external monitor must be connected to my laptop to make the Fn+F5 keys work with the 5.10.x kernel ? Otherwise all others FN keys work.

Thanks for your replies.



No idea for the first and second question ?

No, but you might be interested in autologin

Disable autosuggestion and syntax highlighting from your zsh settings.

Thanks for your replies.

Sorry, but I don’t like autologin. I think we can disable user list but in this case we must enter the login name and the password. I made some search on the net but I don’t find anything about what I want to do.

OK. I’m fed up with autosuggestion and syntax highlighting

@Chrysostomus: Can I disable zsh-autosuggestions package without risk ?
And where can I modify zsh settings for syntax highlighting ?