Manjaro GNOME ( 17.0 )



Hope you don’t lose your focus on Manjaro KDE edition.


:slight_smile: :grinning: don’t worry, this is only another flavour of Manjaro . Nothing change :wink:


Maybe you should start a new thread for your questions about what is starting up with the desktop and how to change it in the Gnome section of the forums.
Wait a second, is there a Gnome forum???
Anyway there is Tweak tool to change start up apps and there are also other ways, what are your needs?


i think creating new thread is not necessary, if only this thread can handle my question…so why not???

my need is manage startup program with disable or let it enable :smiley:
but i didnt found on tweak tool till now


Hi !
How can i remove the black theme of nautilus in the side bar ?


Do you mean ? You can change the theme for gnome.


Hi, strangely no !
For example if I switch to Arc Maia “Lighter” my nautilus keep a dark sidebar. I was just wondering if it was just a package to remove or if it was more deeper. Plus there is other Dark toutch here and there, like the gnome topbar.


You have only to manage with theme and gnome tweak tools :

this is breath gtk theme with global theme disable and user theme shell set to default


haha, i feel dumb… so this is the arc maia theme wo makes the dark :wink:
Cheers And congrats Manjaro Gnome is perfect !


I’m very glad to see that my favourite DE is officially supported by my favourite distro ! And that my favourite theme is used ! (even if I don’t really like the green of the folders in the maia version ^^). I took advantage of the opportunity to reinstall my system. Now I have very few changes to make, it looks like what i’m expecting of a distro. It just lakes the Topicons plus plugin imo (to move icons from the little hiding bar at the bottom left to the top), and I prefer a simple Application menu over gnomenu.
All is working fine, great job ! (However with the live cd I had to click several times to open the installation software, as it was crashing as soon as opened.)
Thanks !


My first time using manjaro, and I’m really impressed with the gnome version so far, a much better experience than I had using fedora 25


Not trying to necrobump, but I seriously dislike the default GNOME setup, although I enjoy the improved support features on it. Did some light customizing to get it like XFCE4. After that, pure GNOME3 bliss. :+1:


Agreed, what extensions are you using to make it like this?


Topicons (plus), bottom bar, dash to dock, workspace indicator, weather, one of the many application menus, and maybe system monitor. I think I’m seeing at least those.


I’d like to ask is the gdm/pulseaudio problem exists in Manjaro GNOME 17.0?

I have Manjaro XFCE and I’ve installed Gnome recently, but gdm’s pulseaudio is stealing my bluetooth devices. The only solution I know is described here:

I would like to do clean install, forget such problems and start using my OS like a regular user (without “hacking” OS internals).



Ste74 something bad is with this release if you want to install on a partition with f2fs. after install i have

F2FS-fs (sda2): Cannot load crc32 driver

in another manjaro release i can install on f2fs partition and use in out the box

edit: If anyone wants to use on f2fs this is how i fix it:
run some livecd and in terminal type

sudo fdisk -l
mount your / partition in my cause it was sda2
mount /dev/sda2 /mnt
chroot /mnt/ /bin/bash/
mount /proc and /dev they will be need to update mkinitcpio
mount -t proc proc /proc
mount -t devtmpfs udev /dev
sudo nano /etc/mkinitcpio.conf
add this in MODULES line
MODULES="crc32 libcrc32c crc32c_generic crc32c-intel crc32-pclmul"
sudo mkinitcpio -p /etc/mkinitcpio.d/linux49.present


Hi , do you mean with other release : other 17.0 release or an old release ?


other release like kde, deepin, xfce works on f2f2 in version 16.08, 16.10 and latest 17. i tested almost all DE and only in gnome i have problem this problem first time.


Hi, @Ste74

Why gdm-plymouth has plymouth-legacy dependency, not plymouth ? I have installed plymouth with theme manjaro gnome 17.0. Can it be problem if I install gdm-plymouth with plymouth-legacy?


Hi , no problem with -legacy :slight_smile: . we have called legacy but is the last 0.8 series if i remember correctly , normal plymouth is at 0.9 series but for us this version not work fine… only you are sure of install plymouth ? We have dropped plymouth in all new Iso because not have improvement the only benefit is a wonder screen during boot :grin: