Manjaro GNOME ( 17.0 )



Congrats @Ste74 for making Gnome an official flavour! Great job!
I tried KDE (17.0) but I faced some annoying issues, so I installed Gnome version and everything is fine.
The way gnome deals with mem cache is interesting despite the ram usage, but nothing an i5 8GB ram cant deal with xD


i’ve downloaded then tested it…it eat 1,1 GB Ram…is it normal ???
live cd btw


Might be due to services that are running? But I think live sessions are always a bit higher than when installed?


My install boots in 1.3GB, although I have pidgin, dropbox, nuntius, guake and some other stuff to boot in login, additionally, I guess more extensions active than the default iso.


My laptop boots in 800mb ± I have less extensions Than the live Sessions and only dropbox in auto start. Gnome uses more RAM Than the other, it’s normal. The amount of cache ir keeps during the usage is much higher too.


is safe to remove evolution…cause i dont need some email client i prefer web base email??? and what the extention better to remove???
i want boot 800 mb :smiley:…i think 800 mb is fair enough than 1,1 GB :


It is safe to remove evolution. I personally remove all the extensions and then add them back in as directly installed so they reside in .local instead of in /usr/share/gnome-shell. I find dash to dock a must but gno-menu moves slow on my system so I remove it along with openweather.


thanks …


**thank you for your hard work to keep manjaro as one of the best linux distroes. I have some questions that need to be answered

first: Iam using manjaro xfce with kwin-x11 just for some desktop decoration

every update passes smoothly and as expected now my version is 17.0

my question is I want to use kvm rather than virtualbox but I see xfce do not support kvm as mentioned in wiki

what is the solution to this is it installing gnome desktop and remove xfce or make a new fresh install of manjaro gnome?

second question my laptop properties are:

RAM 6g
HDD 750g
Graphic 4g ati/redeon

I want to install 100 kvm with different operating system is it possible on my laptop?**


I have had it running under xfce in the past, without a problem. Your cpu should be fine just make sure virtualization is enabled in your bios. Also recommend a larger root partition, or a separate var partition for images.


Thank you,this what holds me from installing it is the separate partition in virtualbox I don’t need this partition just choose the size. kvm as I think is a full virtualisation by means it can be just the same as the real host am I wrong?


Kvm is a very good method of virtualization, and does in fact come close to native performance in some instances. You will not achieve that with a laptop, but you can come close. Kvm is very hardware dependent and to get full native performance you need to be able to get pci-passthrough working fully which will not happen on that rig. You can just do a standard install and you should have enough space availabel because home and root will be in the same partition.

My advice is to install it and try it out. I have found that if you require a desktop ui in the vm Gnome seems to perform in soome ways better in the vm than on bare metal, which was very surprising to me initially, but less so now. Also I have noticed that Ubuntu and Mint seem to have some real issues dealing with kvm but that probably has more to do with the host system. Good luck. Let us know how it works out for you. Virtualization is one of my main fields of interest.


Thank you very much for the release! My only wish is for at least some instructions, or maybe an option during install to enable Wayland for those which desire to use it daily.

Other than that, as a KDE person, I’m liking the Gnome experience. I still prefer KDE, but I wanted Wayland so bad that it made the switch worth.


sudo nano /etc/gdm/custom.conf

Add hashtag in front of WaylandEnable=false close and save.

Restart the system and login into Gnome session. Your wayland is enabled.


I don´t understand why gnome shell hangs once a day…never had this in KDE. What should I do? back to KDE?

trying unstable now


It might be hanging when tracker kicks in. But usually after initial population it does not do that, and probably should not be causing hangs on your i7.


I´m using dual boot for now. KDE works fine besides some other strange intel gfx things. Gnome 3.24 is on the way perhaps there are some fixes. Also I have the issue on gnome when I press the logout button it takes up to one minute till the logout window appears…and I have an real fast laptop with 2x 1tb ssds…that could not be true :wink:


FYI /etc/environment missing QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=qt5ct for qy5 styling.


this morning …i just install this version but i facing little bit confusing :D, how do i manage startup application on this version?..on the tweak tool theres nothing todo just showing create template…i search google and found type gnome-session-properties on terminal but terminal said “bash: gnome-session-properties: command not found”

need assistance please

thanks before


Yes , add the app here … in gnome-tweak-tools startup app