Manjaro GNOME ( 17.0 )



Another question…how could I get the menu fonts darker or thinker like in the adwaita theme? I know this is an arc base theme…could I tweak it?


Ops, i lost a part of your message … if you install the sonar desktop settings and the related app you have sonar… only you have to activate the systemd service for orca … i don’t remember fine because when helping sonar team we use a buildiso to test if all ( in our end) work fine ) and not remember se orca start after reboot without manual intervent :innocent:


Hello @Ste74 - i followed the wiki to get rid of plymouth, only think I seem to not fully undertand is, how do I make and gnome start now that the plymouth packages are removed?


The best Manjaro release!!! Thank you guys for all your work! Gnome seems pretty solid and it’s now my default desktop environment. The only think I really hate is nautilus, so I use nemo instead (fortunately nemo can manage the desktop icons too).


Sudo systemctl enable gdm.service -f


why are the fonts more blurry than on the plasma edition?


You probably have it set to Cantarell out of the box. It is a thicker font than the default in Plasma which is noto sans. If you switch the font, which I have the clarity is pretty much the same.


Just did the fresh install. First boot was in 9 s, second boot already 8s :slight_smile: great job @Ste74. :slight_smile:


ok I got it…noto sans font and breath gtk theme…looks better :slight_smile:


is the pamac now support AUR in gnome edition?


Yes, but i have leave also yaourt and all base-devel pkgs for building pkgs…


What dm you have lightdm? I think you have to disable lightdm-plymouth.service and enable lightdm.service but also other suggestion is fine : switch to gdm for enable wsyland support also…


It’s means that if I search the AUR software in Pamac, it should find the result right?


Yes but you have to enable in the pamac preference or switch the button …


Okay, thanks, I find that.
So this feature is kind of a GUI tool for yaourt if I am right?


No is a gui wrapper of pacman with aur support :wink:


if it’s wrapper of pacman, so it will install the binary file just like other apps in the official repo?


I read the introduction of this native support, but I am not really understand the way it works


Gnome being an official iso is good news, who can say no to more choices :slight_smile: . I just hope you guys are not taking on to much work to make this happen, i feel like you guys do more then enough for us as it is.


multimedia codecs are pre installed???