Manjaro GNOME ( 17.0 )



I tested it on virtualbox and it’s great without any issues so far.
Undoubtedly the best release of manjaro-gnome edition.
Gongrads @Ste74! :slight_smile:

Since Gnome is official now I think that it should be added at this page as well:


Wow, it became official already? Considering the situation, do you need more help with maintenance @Ste74?


Great news about GNOME now being official !

I’m slowly getting it from BitTorrent. :slight_smile:


Very Happy to heard that Gnome now become Flagship. One more question is do you think Gnome3 now is stable enough for rolling update? I remember this is always API/ABI breaks when Gnome update.


I’m not sure, but at least there have been reports of Api stabilizing. At least for themes. If sticking to small number of extensions and holding packages from stable once in a while, it should probably be okay I guess.


I just hope at least manjaro themes and extensions won’t be broken. Hope Manjaro team could make gnome as stable as KDE version.

And thanks for your effort!


Thanks for the effort, and congratulation on getting it supported as an official DE.


Thank you for this!


One upon a time there was Sonar project :slight_smile: I guess it has Gnome desktop (I tried a couple of week in 2015). Sonar project maybe maintain again with a couple of packages. I know it isnt easy task maintain a project but making a set of packages or another way I don’t know Sonar project could be serviced again disabled people?
or Can you make a repository (Gnome based) including packages for people have disability (visual/hearing/physically impaired people even packages for dyslexia and learning disabilities) to change Gnome edition transform to Sonar easily?


Does Gnome edition has calamares with packages selection like in rc2?


Before I think Manjaro Gnome has changed Evolution to ThunderBird, Why you concerned to change it back?


Great job. I’ll definitely be giving this a try. :slight_smile:


great now gnome is official de :grinning:


Wow! Epic! An official flavour! So cool!
Congratulations @Ste74! This looks beautiful!


Sonar still exists.


Any help is always appreciated :slight_smile:


Yes gnome-edition in the sonar distribution… we help sonar team whit this edition : gnome edition plus app for disability and customization …


For the first official release i prefer do a full iso . In the next release yes , i prefer the hybrid concept but before need a good selection of software to include


Thunderbird is a powerfull e-mail client but Evolution offer the integration with online service in native mode , google calendar example and exchange server. And also have the integration in the gnome stack .

Anyway with our gui interface for pamac is easy switch into thunderbird , just a click … :slight_smile:


Wonderful…now I switched to KDE 6 months ago :slight_smile: Does some of you know howto install the KDE dependencies for indicator-kdeconnect in gnome? Thx