Manjaro GNOME ( 17.0 )

Manjaro Fringilla was a great release! Now we are proud to announce our current stable release we call “Gellivara”. It took us more than three months to prepare this new release series for 2017.

Finally it is done and happy to announce this : Gnome edition is a new official flavour of Manjaro.
Yes, The Xfce edition remains our flagship offering and has received the attention it deserves; and also the KDE edition continue to offer the most powerfull DE but after a discussion into the Team we decide to offer also GNOME edition.
GNOME is a most famous and powerfull GTK3+ desktop environment, easy to use , userfriendly , customizable and full accesible.
We offer our version of this DE with our customization and with the rock solid base of Manjaro. All powerfull feature of Manjaro are included.
This version ship without plymouth, theme and service, to reduce and improve the boot time and at the moment with Wayland disable by default because not at all hardware it work as intend. User can be ( after installation ) enable and try if work fine in real hardware.

The Manjaro Settings Manager (MSM) now provides an easy-to-use graphical interface for installing and removing the many series of kernels we offer. Manjaro’s selection of readily available kernels remains the most extensive of all Linux distribution we know of. At the time of this release, nine kernel-series are available directly from our binary repositories, ranging from the mature & rock-solid 3.10 series to the latest 4.10 release. Additionally we offer two realtime kernel series. Such a wide array of available kernel options results in extensive hardware support, getting the most out of your system for you, be it old or new.

Features of the new release Gellivara:

  • We updated the stock kernel to linux49 4.9 LTS
  • We updated the Xorg-Stack to v1.19 series
  • We enhanced and improved our Manjaro Tools & Profiles
  • MHWD we adopted a more efficient way to handle libglx binaries
  • Some of our themes got updated and new got designed
  • fixed an issue with glx and nvidia driver
  • Manjaro-Settings-Manager v0.5.1
  • Mesa v17.0.1
  • Pamac v4.3.0

Other feature are the extensions enable by default , just a bit for confortable use (if don’t like is very very easy deactive it):

  • Gnomenu : powerfull classic menù ( choice for the classic look )
  • Openweather : to see your weather
  • TaskBar : to view the preview and the icon of active program easy
  • DashtoDock : the most famous native ‘dock’
  • User Themes : to allow the user to set the theme of Gnome easy
  • Removable drive menù : to see the drive and the action when new as attached

Plus : Gnome user know that ; installation of the extension is easy , just a click in the browser at the but if with Firefox is easy because Gnome provide the API in native mode with other Chromium Browser and derivate you have to install a little program to allow it;this program now is in Manjaro repo and is called chrome-gnome-shell so if you don’t like Firefox don’t
worry. Install your prefered Chromium browser and install chrome-gnome-shell to allow your browser to install the extension.

The release ship also with a selection of software for everyday use:

  • Firefox for browse the web
  • Evolution for PIM and e-mail client
  • Uget for download manager
  • Transmission for download torrent
  • Imagewriter for building your iso to usb
  • Multimedia : Lollypop and Totem ( native player of GNOME )
  • Libreoffice Fresh the Office Suite
  • Java and Flash installed
  • and other …

So let us know what you think of Gellevara. We hope you enjoy this release.

Stefano Capitani and The Manjaro Development Team



Did Gnome edition become an offical edition?

Yep , already said , after internal discussion ( also readable on github ) and to reflect the old poll started by @philm to ask at the community how DE come official.


Fair enough. I’ll adjust torrents accordingly.


Glad to see that Gnome becomes an official flavour, it deserves it! (Even though I changed to Cinnamon time ago) Thanks for all your effort.

Many many thanks for that to manjaro’s team, many thanks to you @Ste74 for supporting Gnome-shell!!! :smile:

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No news could be better than this :smiley:


btw, wheres the sha1 checksum? :slight_smile:

Hello! - Great to hear that my favourite DE made it - thanks a awful lot for the great work.

Previous installs do use plymouth right? - any way to get rid of it and get where the new (17.0) release is?

Wow are you serious! Awesome :smiley:

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According with manjaro-tools this is not necessary because sf provide one … I see Philip do that, if you need I can create and upload …

Sorry I think flagship :confused:

Some just wants it. I couldn’t care anyway or another. :slight_smile:

For some reason mktorrent creates a .torrent.invalid file for the Gnome ones. Are the upload complete?

Yes , you can remove the plymouth … is easy , also in our wiki is explained how … basically ( I m on smartphone now ) have to remove the hook in the mkinitcpio file , rebuild the initcpio image and then remove also the splash word in your grub.conf file . Rebuild grub and done .

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I think yes but I can ceck … also add a cecksums…

Ok, so the steps at are what I need? thank you =)

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Great News! Thanks a lot for your monstrous effort for the gnome @Ste74.
Tomorrow I will have it on my drive :slight_smile: cant wait for it :smiley:

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Torrents are now up!


Thank you , added just now checksums :wink:


Hey ^^ I finally have it so far (do it, break it, fix it) that I could remove plymouth packages - but when I remove them the gui does not come up

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