Manjaro Gnome 16.10



Fortunately AMD seems to be following Intel’s reasoning regarding to GPU drivers on linux.

With kernel 4.8.x the xf86-video-ati driver AMD cards performs pretty well. The catalyst driver on linux is going to be replaced by amdgpu-pro (part open source, part proprietary) in the future.


Is there any package which is from AUR ?? in this release


Do you mean ? All official and community release contain only pkgs on the repo manjaro …


No I mean nothing I just ask question. Is this mean yes ?
Can you list packages from AUR ?


as I understand Ste74 answer. All official and community release contains only package from manjaro repository. that mean no AUR package. :wink:


From having done the setup for manjaro gnome just recently (about 4 weeks ago) I can confirm that it only used packages from the official stable repository.

The AUR has to be enabled in pacman first, or yaourt has to be used to get stuff from the AUR manually.

EDIT: Yaourt actually has to be installed to even be able to activate AUR in pacman! So without Yaourt no AUR




I tried Gnome edition 3 or 4 month ago and you done good job from that times. BTW you should change post pictures because fonts issues so obvious :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Really great job thanks…


Hi, thank you, i have finished the porting into our new dev tools… so tonight start upload for 17.0 alpha minimal release to test … :grin:


Wonderfull - I am stoked for smashing it onto a VM =D


I tried using it on my low power field laptop, and the experience was less than ideal, however on some of my machines it runs like a champ. Surprisingly (not really considering Redhat is behind Gnome these days) it runs pretty much natively as a virtual machine in KVM. It actually seems to run better in a VM as compared to bare metal.


Where can I download Manjaro Gnome 17.0 alpha?


Sorry for delay …


@Ste74 gt5ct settings not added environment variables. You now, qt5 apps dont obey gnome settings many times :slight_smile: Experienced Manjarians know what is the problem and they can solve the problem easily but maybe new comers experience a little problem.
Best regards.


Couple of bugs I wound in my fresh install. Dash to dock crashes often and lost dash. In app view (?) search crashes whole desktop and logs user out.


Very Very good work !!!
Please continue, this distro is just perfect !


I m waitin for stable release with kernel 4.9. Because my sistem wont boot with 4.4 :frowning:


Where can i get the wallpaper shown in the screenshot above?


How can I install Manjaro Gnome 16.10 with the
gdm login manager?


after you finish install and login, open a terminal and…

sudo pacman -S gdm
sudo systemctl disable lightdm
sudo systemctl enable gdm -f

then reboot and login