Manjaro Gnome 16.06.1?

I wanted to ask if there will be a Gnome 16.06.1 version in the near future. Cant install it, did some research and it looks like it’s having problems with my AMD 290 card. The 16.06.1 version should fix this, but sadly for Gnome not availible.

Was your system continually freezing up after initial install?

For the second option (think it was non free) it freezes at “A started job is running for LiveMedia Script” as for the first install option its stopps at “Started live Media script”. I can’t install, was trying to install from USB.

I not see feedback for gnome 16.06 but i can do 16.06.1 if needed :wink: i can build tonight and after upload … no other correction required for now … only a doubt for alt+shift combo if needed disable or not :pensive:

Edit: i have started the build … only update 16.06.1 :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Will test it as soon as it’s availible!

edit: Any new around when the new version will be uploaded? :slight_smile:

Done … :wink:

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Thank you! Was able to install it now, works like a charm :smiley:

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