Manjaro GitLab instance

I’m wondering, do any of you guys receive any kind of notifications on Manjaro’s GitLab? I never had any kind of notification, being by mail or by icon notification on the website itself. Is there a specific setting I overlooked somewhere? Is it just not possible to receive notification like on the forum (you know like a colored dot on your avatar to warn you of notification)? Multiple issues I participated in (or opened) I never got notified when someone replied, this is not ideal in my opinion.

I do get notifications via email.

Check the settings here:

I went there before, and this is how it is configured do you think it seems right?

Hmm, yeah they are similar to my settings.

Maybe try to toggle the setting once.
Like: set it to “Disabled” and then back to “Participate”

OK thanks, will see if it works later :sweat_smile:

I joined the manjaro mailing list and get an email any time one of the team commits a change

For a test can someone please reply to this enable Background Contrast desktop effect by default (#22) · Issues · Profiles & Settings / manjaro-kde-settings · GitLab I could see if I receive notification now. Thanks

Just replied.

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Did not receive a notification yet. Will see if it pops at some point. Thanks.

You may want to try a different email address. I receive notifications via my email, but not Gmail or Tutanota for some reason.

I recently used other GitLab instances (and I can receive emails), and noticed that there was a major difference with the Manjaro instance.

I can NOT set my notification preference when I’m on an issue for example, in the right side column.
I am NOT a member of any group or project in my profile/notification.

I think the issue here is not my mail provider, but the Manjaro instance sending emails only to devs, and not random users like me.

That is also not that great for people from other projects, if they can’t get notifications (thinking about AUR devs for example), having no notifications at all forces you to manually check all the time, up to the point you are annoyed, and of course someone replies after you decided to check daily for nothing, and you see it only two weeks after because you try to manually check once again.

There might be a reason for that (bandwidth, mail limitation, things like that), but if there is no reason, maybe have a look, verify what I’m suggesting is correct, and reconfigure it so everyone can receive notifications.


Out of nowhere I now receive emails every time someone replies on a GitLab issue I participated in. Nothing changed on my side. Someone has probably reconfigured something on the GitLab side I would guess.

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