Manjaro gets a modern Ticket System



Thanks for (re)adding it!


Define modern?

Will the issues continue to be closed by the developers without validation of the submitter or any test?
I stopped submitting very quickly on github because of that.


naughty am I.


Nice addition keep it up :slight_smile:


As you want to bring the discussion to a higher level.

All the latest topics are how to bring Manjaro on a commercial level, fine!
But then announce it clearly.
This new system does not bring anything modern just tracking of users and reports without any visibility/transparency for users.


Which isn’t always what users would want. Visibility to the public is not always what users would want.


I agree for users not testing, not reporting bugs and not trying to find solutions.


To be frank, most use our forums or wiki to get help for Manjaro. The bug-tracker was used, but not by our developers. Most they are using Github Issues. Since Github is using it per repository common users don’t use it at all.

If you use Manjaro-Tools, which is a development tool for our staff to create ISOs it is ok. Most users don’t even do that. We have a closed staff section were we communicate internally on how we do our next steps with Manjaro. There we discuss also Application issues within our team.

Having now the HelpDesk is an additional option for our Users/Customers to get in touch with us. We have a Twitter Channel you can use to either ask simple questions or mention us. Most people don’t get feedback. With the HelpDesk it gets now channelled and if someone has time we reply even.

Sometimes you have private issues you won’t want to share with the rest of the world. Therefore the HelpDesk is good for. If you write an Email or Feedback it also lands on the same system now. This makes it easier for us to get all questions at one place. So you don’t have to use Twitter or check your mails. All is sorted in the tool. You simply reply and the tool sends out the message to you on the same channel it came in.

If you want to develop stuff you may join the team and you will have automatically more access to our tools and internal forums. I’ve to think if an additional bug-tracker makes even sense. This we may discuss also internally first.

Hope this clears some up, for the new service.


Hello everyone and particularly philm,
I have been using Manjaro now for about three weeks and I am happy to say it is my so called, “daily-driver”. I came to Manjaro after a very positive experience with MX16. I left MX only because for me, its early promise started to fade a little (just a little). Now I am happy as I said in Manjaro. I have found the forum is a great place to address the usual questions any user might have when embarking upon a new distro. As such, I would be sad to see any diminution of this excellent discussion platform. Hopefully that is certainly not the intention of Team Manjaro in starting the bug-tracker platform.
So thank you philm and your team. Please keep up the good work and keep on keeping on with the forum and Manjaro generally.


Old users need to re- register? The old user / pw combination does not seem to work.
Anyone could answer it?


What username and password are you trying to use? It’s a new system so you won’t have an account on it.


That’s exactly what I will do :slight_smile:
I guess that for me and “normal” Manjaro users, not much is going to change anyway.


I hope you’re right, and I was being unnecessarily facetious to potential customers, and it got a little fscked up.
Carry on.


Will wait and see, Ticket System has me off already as Linux is ticket free.


Common issues will be handled via the forum. Coding issues via Github Issues and personal issues with Manjaro can be addressed via HelpDesk if the forum was not given you a proper solution yet. We will see how it works. I might change the URL from bugs to help or so. Depends.