Manjaro gets a modern Ticket System



Hi community,

Manjaro is growing so is also our service. From today on we updated our Bug Tracker to Zammad HelpDesk. You may now contact us via Email, Twitter, Form or LiveChat.

And yes, classic via our Bug Tracker:

So get in touch with us and please also read the Zammad User Guide first.

Best, Philip

Main page showing Zammad Helpdesk?
Bluetooth crashes since updated to kernel 4.13.2

To create a ticket via Twitter you have to use #ManjaroHelpDesk or #ManjaroHelp in your tweet to @ManjaroLinux.


Great !

Love the Manjaro community.


A new era!


I have not a clear idea of what is this new ticket system (partly because half of the user guide is in German).
Is it possible for a user to view existing bugs without an account?
I created an account, but this gives me only the option to open an issue, not to view existing issues; to me it seems impossible to have a look of existing Manjaro bugs without being a developer, am I wrong?
Am I missing something?


Exactly what I saw. You can’t even look at open issues without filing a bug report. Wonder if we should file a bug report about that?


I was thinking the same, This ticket system makes sense for the Manjaro hardware owners, but how about community collaboration, are we meant to use github and the forum instead?.

Would make more sense having something centralised.


I presume this has been instigated to facilitate StationX system support? Are SX users now classified as “Customers”, as opposed to the existing community?

Is this to report legitimate distro bugs or simply request support? Will this now become the preferred location for “My Macbook Pro boots to black screen” issues too?

Yet another account required on a different platform for the same damn thing. More fragmentation. Cannot even peruse outstanding issues without an account. No thanks, I won’t be using it.

This StationX partnership could be good for Manjaro and its community, or it could be the beginning of a slippery slope. Is Manjaro’s ultimate goal to evolve gradually into an Ubuntu-like commercial entity? I really, really f**king hope not.


Being a commercial entity is not a bad thing and if that actually happens it only means that Developers will work in Manjaro full time instead of only in their spare time, but i guess if that would be the case we would have an announcement.


Old users need to re- register? The old user / pw combination does not seem to work.


It looks like Phil is busy with testing it himself. He will probably update the info or make another announcement. I’m curious what it becomes. Thanks - in officially - for all constructive criticism. I hope the ticket system can get integrated with the forum somehow. The forum can be a communication platform and the ticket - a tracking platform.


I believe that it is technically possible to integrate a one-way ticketing / request system via email to a pre-set email on github, or some other forwarding mechanism. This way the convenience for github ticketing from general community users will remain and the hardware customers will have a widely known way of reporting issues.
And no clutter. Everything similar will be in the same place.


No, it isn’t. We are here more in the concept of personal issues with Manjaro in the sense of user experience. However, our support staff can search for already reported issues and simply close it with given reason. I’m in IT-Support since several years now and know on how to handle a support team.


You see only the issues you have reported on your own. As soon as you have an issue you may report it. Then you get a personal support reply from our staff. If all is fine and our forum or wiki helps you as is, no issue needs to be reported to us.

As we have now also hardware to support, we need a common support system. It is kind of a test bed for the upcoming support service. Everybody who uses the help desk is a customer for that given service.

More or less it is in regard of issues you may have with Manjaro itself. We recommend our users to review the wiki or forum as public search and reach out to our staff if additional personal help is needed.

We will offer Facebook, github and some other accounts additionally. And if you want to create a new account for the HelpDesk it is fine. However you don’t have to do that if you communicate via Email or Twitter with us.

We already see some benefits for the project and StationX. We try to adopt the community feeling also to our support philosophies. In the end we hope for a win-win situation.

Feature Request. A new manjaro Bugzilla page

I am sure you and the team can handle the work without problems, I have respect for what you are doing.

But I have doubts about the use of this system for Manjaro “software bugs”, to me it seems appropriate only for the hardware/commercial section.
For example, if I find a bug in manjaro-tools (as I did and reported on FlySpray) what I have to do? If I open a ticket nobody will see that information and somebody could report it again and again or could think Manjaro does not track issues.
Obviously this discussion doesn’t make sense if you say me “report on GitHub” because my starting point was the old “GitHub issues are deprecated” that you have declared when launching the FlySpray bug tracker.


What does all this mean for the forum and github?
It’s not clear to me where bugs should be reported, where help requests should go etc.
Who will have access to the ticket system? Just the Team or everyone?
I’m with Sue here…


Well, nobody of the team used flyspray. We may open github issues on parts it makes sense to do so.


In practice the Manjaro alternative to , or is the “Issues” tab in the right repository of Manjaro organization on GitHub, after all is easy to use and everyone uses GitHub.

Ok, where is the “Issues” tab in the manjaro-tools repository?


Rolling, rolling, onward & upward!

Keep up the great work team.

We appreciate it!

Ruziel :slight_smile:


If in doubt, use the forum.

If not in doubt, use the place you want. :slight_smile:

Let’s wait and see how this new “helpdesk” works and what its intended use-cases are before worrying too much about it.


So you use Manjaro Tools? You may find issues here.