Manjaro Gaming Group - Twitch, Youtube, and Mixer to showoff gaming on Manjaro

I was wondering if anyone ever thought of showing off Manjaro by showing how well games play on Linux via the big three streaming sites? It would be a great free marketing idea for the OS and fun too! Anyone interested in this?

My Twitch channel


I definitely would if I had the bandwidth, I tried streaming via twitch and it impacted too much on the online multiplayer game I was trying to stream (8Mbps upload bandwidth is not sufficient for gaming and streaming at the same time, the frame dropouts are horrid). I ended up instead recording games with nvidia shadowplay (Windows NVIDIA Geforce Experience feature) and uploading to my YouTube after the events. At present I have stopped that too for the moment because I don't like the current YouTube upload page, it fails on large uploads too easily.

Manjaro is pretty awesome for gaming though, I have to say I'm very impressed at the ease of it and level of performance.

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yeah I upgraded my net to 1 GBit so I now have 30 Mbit Upload, wish it was matched my download but it is what it is

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Man, I just bought Unreal Tournament 2004 and Age of Empires recently. Some of my favourites.

Been enjoying it. Maybe I should Twitch. Am not a hardcore gamer. :thinking:
Anyways, Thanks for the idea @derekgraham :slight_smile:

Im not a hardcore gamer either, just figured we could show how well gaming runs on our machines by streaming them somewhere :slight_smile:

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I would, but my hw needs updating before i try. I am running amd 8350 OC to 4.5GHz and nvidia gtx titan. I can play witcher 3 now, but i doubt i could do both. Looking to upgrade next year, so may consider it then.

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