Manjaro gaming edition: A start job running for LiveMedia MHWD Script

Hello there
Recently I found a manjaro gaming edition on the internet and decided to test it
unfortunately, every time I stopped at "A start job running for LiveMedia MHWD Script"
I'm a new user and I don't know what to do about it
What should I do?
The version is 18.0.3
Laptop: MSI GL62 6QD
GTX 950m
i5 6300HQ

Can you provide a link to what you actually have downloaded?

from this site

That is an ancient unofficial ISO. Since Manjaro is rolling, it will be very difficult to get that working.

I would consider downloading a current official version and adding the gaming stuff you want.

I'll try

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The mentioned edition is basically the official XFCE with some prebuild AUR packages.

You can achieve the same result by installing the latest Xfce - then use pamac to build the eventual AUR packages.

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