Manjaro: Gaming Edition 17.1.12 Released!



The new version of Manjaro: Gaming Edition (mGAMe) Version 17.1.12 was released!

There’s no 32-Bit Version. The reason why. Both Manjaro Official and Community Editions are not supporting 32-Bit Version anymore and I think not many people using 32-Bit Version. So, I think it’s wast of time for me to build 32-Bit Version. Instead, I’m only focusing on 64-Bit Version. If you wish to build a 32-Bit Version of mGAMe. The link to my GitHub page are listed below.

I added Cool-Retro-Term as the main Terminal to make the Terminal look like a Old School Computer for Retro feel. Yes, you can change the default profile to a different profiles based on your liking. All you do is Right Click on Terminal Screen and go to Profiles.

I added more Freeware Games to this respin. So you have more games to play.

I moved the XFCE Panel from Bottom to Top. I also added a XFCE Panel Dock-like on the Bottom.

I hope you enjoy this version of mGAMe. Please, with me know what you think.


Source Files

Migrate my Gaming System

There’s never been a better time for a gaming edition than now. Specially considering Steam Play, dxvk, vulkan, PBA, esync!


Agree with that.

I am looking at changing over but I have a few hurdles I would like to get over in regards to the base installation.

The main one is I would like to install to a RAID-0 for performance but it seems the installer for both Manjaro and mGAMe do not support such an install.

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