Manjaro freezing while copying large files

Every time i move large files the system freezes randomly, even the mouse cursor freezes why does that happen? I have used tlpui before but i don’t know if it messed with the hdd power settings, how can i fix this?

when you say large files how large are you taking?

Can you also advise what type of storage and file system they are going to/from?


lastly how much ram do you have and do you have swap enabled?
If you don’t have swap start there.

A lot depends on your hardware. How much RAM you have, what CPU, what type of hard drive, what type of filesystems, and so on. You’ll need to tell us your specs if you want us to have a fair opinion on account of the problem.

I/O is a blocking process, and if the system is low on RAM, then you’re going to be overloading it by copying large files, because then you’re not just dealing with the I/O of the copy process, but also the I/O of reading from and writing to swap. And yes, your user interface ─ note: it is not the entire system that hangs, but only its responsiveness to user input ─ will be choppy.

I have an I5 8265U Intel UHD 620 8gb RAM 1TB HDD, i’m afraid it’s not a hardware issue because this never happened in Windows 10, it hasn’t been even a month that i moved to Manjaro, the only real issue is that everything gets choppy under heavy disk usage.

EDIT: My filesystem is ext4.

Like 20 gbs, i have 8gb RAM and also i have an 8gb swap partition.

If you are moving 20 GiB worth of data around on the same hard disk drive ─ not an SSD but an HDD ─ with 8 GiB of RAM in your machine, then that is normal behavior, and then the operating system is irrelevant. Microsoft Windows would be just as choppy.

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