Manjaro freezes when updating

I had a problem that my laptop ran out of battery when updating and I had an error: you need to load kernel first
so I burned manjaro to a USB stick and booted from it but when I try to update all the packages get downloaded but when upgrading everything freezes including mouse,keyboard and even the time in the laptop I tried updating from both the terminal and the package manager

Note:Execuse me for my English I’m not a native speaker

To help you more precise information is necessary. Please search for “how to get help” and “how to provide information”.

Without precise information about what you already did, and the errors-messages you got (please as text! No pictures, No video, No photo) it is not possible to provide any support.

Maybe try to search for the “exact error-message”
Did you chroot before trying to repair?

I typed these commands

sudo su -
manjaro-chroot -a


pacman-mirrors -f 5 && pacman -Syyu

and I get no errors but the laptop freezes suddenly

This is the original post of my problem for more details

and excuse me I’m not an expert with linux

When you don’t get the issue fixed after days, please not just open a new thread but make familar with the idea of a reinstall. Don’t try to further ride a dead horse.

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I have a dual boot system(windows 10 and Manjaro) can I reinstall without deleting any files from manjaro or windows??

If you have enough disk space you could make a fresh install just on top of your existing systems and just keep everything except as your ESP as it is. Would be an unusual approach but possible. Usually, I would recommend to backup valuable files from your Manjaro install, delete the Manjaro partitions and then to use this space for a re-install.