Manjaro Freezes on High CPU usage

I use my Manjaro distro for Jellyfin which transcodes video for me to be able to watch shows. I keep on having the problem the computer is freezing when its on high CPU usage. I have not found a fix as of yet. Any help would be appreciated.

CPU: Intel 2 quad core Q6600
GPU: Nvidia Geforce 210
Motherboard: XFX nforce 680i LT
Memory: 4GB DDR2

High CPU load comes with high temperatures and high memory usage. I suggest you monitor both and see if you find any anomalies. On top of that I suggest to run a memtest (takes a long time). This will make sure that your RAM is not bad.

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I usually use s-tui to stress and monitor my CPU (usage and temperature).
I would also suggest checking journalctl and dmesg for errors.


have you installed lm_sensors ?

How would I run a memtest?

I stress tested it for 10 minutes then it froze.

I tried checking the logs for august 19 (thats when it crashed) and saw skipping… in between two dates.

You could try to install cpulimit from the repository and see what the maximum percentage is that your system can tolerate.

With such low info about your problem is hard to help. But to give a try…
As long your pc doesn’t shutdown and only freeze, it’s not CPU related or heat problem.
My guess is either (most probably) RAM problem (fault or limited RAM, freezing when trying to swap), or power management problem.

If I had the same issue, my steps would be:

  1. Open gnome-system-monitor and xsensors probably looking at ACPI and on a terminal journalctl -f and try to reproduce the issue and understand what’s wrong, for example eating RAM and swapping, too many heat, throttling etc.
  2. After freeze, restart and see at log from previous boot:
    journalctl -b -1 or gnome-system-log and look at the end of the log (where your pc froze) for specific errors.

How would I run a memtest?

You can use either your bios memtest or if it’s doesn’t have then try booting with (usb or dvd) live-boot from manjaro and select memtest.

Also when to are looking for help read this first