Manjaro freezes in boot after update

For more than 5 months, I have been using manjaro and I had to update few things, I did pacman -Syu and updated few things including kernel / linux headers

Right now after update, when I boot my system, it takes longer time than usual (I have Lenovo laptop, so it’s shows that logo for 5-10 seconds) and after that it shows:

[FAILED] Failed to start Network Manager Wait Online

Sometimes this error doesn’t come and in display it just shows “Lenovo” logo and nothing else

I waited more than 10 min and still nothing. Any help is much appreciated, I really don’t want to format my laptop :confused:

I use Manjaro in ssd and windows as dual boot in hdd

So you can’t get into gnome anymore?
Can you switch to TTY, CTRL + ALT + F2 ?
Which kernel version was installed?
Do you have other kernels installed?

Just checked, yes I can access
Sorry I am not much experienced with this

I logged in

Manjaro Linux 5.10.2-2-MANJARO

Could you post the output of:

mhwd-kernel -li

Currently running: 5.10.2-2-MANJARO (linux510)
The following kernels are installed in your system:

* linux510
* linux54
* linux58

Just to be sure you are fully up to date, please run:

sudo pacman -Syyu

Did it install anything?

I could also the latest kernel, which fails to boot.
Try to boot kernel 5.4 LTS.

After Pacman -Syyu

Right now it does asking for replacing linux58 with community latest or not, I think I did no to these things and then I had some conflicts

Should I go with yes for everything and update whatever is coming ? I have around 2000mb update as far as what I can see

I didn’t updated these things because I was scared it might brake something :confused:

[Edit]: Updating right now

linux58 with linux-latest I guess?
That will remove linux58. Should be ok, just make sure it does not want to remove linux54.

So you only updated specific stuff? In your first post you mentioned you did “pamac -Syu” which would normally upgrade everything.

I would update everything now, reboot and see what happens. If it is still not working, try booting the 5.4 kernel as @Keruskerfuerst mentioned. To do this, press ESC during boot process to bring up the GRUB screen, then select advanced options and then kernel 5.4

btw. What laptop is it? Please don’t tell me you have nvidia graphics :wink:

Does that mean you didn’t do updates within the last 5 months? If so, better do updates more frequently (or use a non-rolling distro). Better to run into small issues every now and then as to face the big bang every half-year. :wink:

Reads as “Big Sur” :upside_down_face:
Sorry couldn’t help saying this.

I updated everything

Now it says

[FAILED]: Failed to start Postgresql database server

Then black screen comes with blinking cursor and nothing else, not even a text

I used kernel 5.10 and 5.4 both giving same thing

Yes I have nvidia graphic card (gtx 1650 :'c)

I once updated, but when I saw my friend facing issue with nvidia graphic card, I didn’t updated anything

You can still get to TTY and log on though?

Yes, when that black screen comes, I can get back to tty

Probably some issue with the nvidia drivers then.

mhwd -li

Output (I am typing this from my mobile)

Installed PCI configs:

Name: video-linux
Version: 2018.05.04
Freedriver: true
Type: PCI

WARNING: No installed USB configs

Looks like you only have the free drivers and want to have the proprietary ones.
I’m not too familiar with the nvidia stuff I must say.

sudo mhwd -a pci nonfree 0300

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It worked wow, it installed the driver

I am so HAPPY
You are so talented, Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:

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Ok, cool. There is probably potential for improvement in the nvidia setup, like bumblebee, optimus and whatnot. → I have no clue about these though. I stay away from nvidia :wink:

Also you might want to check for other issues like Failed to start Postgresql database server.
Don’t know what you use it for.

Just make a new thread in case of issues…

Ah yes I heard about bumblebee, I originally was trying to fix usb c to hdmi for manjaro since it was not working so I was going through many documents and that’s why I planned to update my OS

I know error about Postgresql that I’ll fix, I use pgvm for development so that’s not an issue

But yes nvidia drivers are a bit pain, even I am trying to understand these things :'D

First time using arch Linux, perfect experience

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