Manjaro freezes after approx. 30 minutes

Hi all,

since a few days (or maybe weeks) i have the problem, that my manjaro freezes after some time, some times minutes, sometimes approx. an hour.

I have updated my system yesterday completely with

sudo pacman -Syyu

But although everything is up to date it freezes.

Is there anything i can do to find out, what causes the freezing?

Is use this release

cat /etc/lsb-release

Do you need more information?
Is it worth a try to change the kernel? At the moment i use Kernel 5.15.49_rt47-1 cause i do i lot of Audio (which requires i think a real time kernel).

Should i change over to 5.15.50-1 or better 5-18.0_rt11-1 (so that again i use a real time kernel)?

Best wishes

Try the normal kernel and not the rt version. What makes you think you need the rt? Maybe it works anyway.

OK, i try the normal Kernel (5.15.50-1 ? Or higher?).
Audio fanatics say the audio applications work best with RT-Kernel.
I never questioned this, but now I will :wink: