Manjaro forums crash my Android chrome

Hi all, as title. The Manjaro forums consistently crash my (Android) phone's Chrome browser. Firefox on the phone is fine. I've tried the obvious stuff like rebooting and clearing out Chrome's data.

Does anyone else have this problem? Android 9.

EDIT: for example, my post crashes Chrome every time I open it: Diagnosing laptop screen freezing; external is fine

I swear this isn't a creative way to try and get some responses on that post.

you are sure your phone is not a slow phone bu up-to-date?

I have tested your statement with a Huawei Nexus 6 - with no problems loading your referring post

My phone should be fine, it's a pixel 2 XL and it's up to date. I don't think the nexus 6 got Android 9, right?

Android 8.1

Got Android 9,

My exoerience Android nexus get the first wawe

i got android 9.1 , zero issues

welp :man_shrugging:

Android 9, I get app crashes quite a bit. It'll just lock and I have to kill the app.

So wait... a browser written by Google on a phone with a Google OS crashes when loading a website, and it's the website's fault?

Talk about unrealistic expectations of Manjaro...


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I was speaking of the Manjaro forum app on Play Store. :slight_smile:

Bah, my reply was more generally to the OP and the thread...

I have no idea what the Manjaro forum app is or who made it. :thinking:

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Ok. :grin:

I think I need more coffee. :coffee:

Actually... I can't see a "Manjaro forum" app on my Play store... :hmm:

I just noticed that as well. I think I'll be deleting that app now.

It's not on F-droid either.


Did you mean this Manjaro Forum App?

It is more a Link with a nice icon that opens the forum in its own chrome web view. You can get with by open the Manjaro Forum and use "Add to Home screen".

Btw, the forum works on my Android 9 Phone with Chrome without problems.


Maybe it is more than just a web view. With other simple websites I get with "Add to Home screen" a real link that opens in Chrome. The Manjaro Forum is kind of special, maybe it is a Discourse feature?


oh don't be so touchy :stuck_out_tongue: I'm not ranting at the web team, I'm simply asking if anyone can replicate the behaviour

Yep, that's it looks like.

It crashed all the time for me, so I just added it to desktop with Firefox mobile. Chrome just constantly has issues on my phone for whatever reason.



it seems the consensus is "no." Anyway I sent google feedback a few times about it, so I suppose that's the end of it.

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And I misunderstood what was crashing.
Apologies for the derail. :slight_smile: