Manjaro Forum + Palemoon : browser unsupported

today I wanted to log in to the forum with Palemoon, but I can’t, because the browser seems unupported:

Unfortunately, your browser is unsupported. Please switch to a supported browser to view rich content, log in and reply.

It seems a very weird thing
I’m using TOR Browser right now

Confirmed. I have palemoon installed as well. falkon does work, though.

mmm… strange
Maybe It’s the latest Palemoon update that cause the issue
Or, maybe, It’s a forum related issue?

Well, I don’t know whether Pale Moon has ever worked with the Manjaro forum — to be honest, I only have it installed for testing things between different browsers, but I never actually use it — but if it did work before, then this problem may be the result of a recent update to the Discourse forum software.


Pinging @codesardine, @philm and @Yochanan

1st time this happens with Palemoon during my usage

Then it’s almost with 100% certainty due to the recent forum update.

Change the useragent doesn’t solve this issue

No, it won’t. It’s probably something to do with the cascading style sheets, but I’m no expert. If I check the forum with Pale Moon, then I’m not seeing any avatars or other images.

Palemoon’s MoonChild has to resolve this issue maybe?

By the way , going OT, Palemoon works very very bad with Youtube, I had to manage blocks with UBlock 0 for having a little less painful experience
Maybe time to switch to Librewolf or Garuda’s Firedragon?

I don’t know; that’s why I pinged the forum administrators. :man_shrugging:

I use either Chromium or Firefox for YouTube, and I have AdBlock Plus in both. I know that many here prefer uBlock, but I prefer AdBlock Plus. I also have DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials installed in both, which also helps a lot.

And, given that you’re a TL2, you have access to the #member-hub, where I’ve posted the thread below today… :arrow_down:

DuckDuckGo’s free email forwarder with tracking filter now open to the public

These browser depends too much to Google, they are as useless as proprietary stuff, talking philosophically
Librewolf and Firedragon removes the trash from Firefox, better alternatives in my opinion.
DuckDuckGo recently had some privacy related issues with Microsoift data selling, never use it anymore anytime soon

Hi, visit this website with palemon then visit it with chromium, there is only 2 browsers I recommend Firefox and Vivaldi.

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I’m not consider these as a privacy-friendly browsers

There are some Firefox’s fork, like Librewolf/Firedragon , Iceweasel (still mantained by Hyperbola Libre guys on their distro?) and TOR of course, taht are really better in terms of Privacy

I love how Vivaldi is doing its stuff, but it’s closed source, so not to be considered

I can understand these objections when it comes to Chromium, but in Firefox you can disable all of that stuff, and if you have DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials it’ll use :duck: :duck: :walking_man: as the default search engine.

No, they didn’t sell data to Microsoft, but they allowed Microsoft’s trackers to continue running on Microsoft-controlled websites because they use Bing as the back-end, and Bing is owned by Microsoft. But that situation only applies on Microsoft-controlled websites, not on any other sites or in their search results.

Vivaldi is open source only the UI is proprietary.

They made a deal with Microsoft = I don’t support them anytime soon

When they will release all their code with an opensource license, I’ll consider it as an alternative
But they use the same engine used by Google under the hood and this make the software too much dependent to Big G.

I consider the open source a philosophy first of all, and I don’t support proprietary stuff.
I think also most of the distros are not free software, because admits proprietary blobs, firmware and other stuff.

I’m planning to switch to a libre distro, like Hyperbola GNU/Linux Libre, because these distro are the only that represent the true open source meaning, in my opinion

How about your Nvidia GPU? Running nouveau drivers?

Yeah, I’m using nouveau

In general, I try to use software as free as possible
I’m using palemoon since I read the licence and seems have sense to me
On my laptop with KDE, I’m switching from Firefox to Firedragon, because the mods added by the team to Firefox seems very privacy-oriented

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That is great, but people that have Nvidia GPU and use Blender, they can’t actually drop the proprietary drivers …
Also, that means you never watch online or otherwise some DRM content?

Never watched

I think that a true user oriented distro must give user the power of choose if use proprietary stuff or not.

In my opinion there should be a separate repo for unfree software (including prprietary blobs, sepatated from the linux libre kernel), so the user can choose at the least if installing it or not during the installation phase.
Most casual users don’t know about the difference between proprietary and open source, and they don’t know they use pieces of unfree software in their kernel