Manjaro Forgets My Password Over Time

Im getting an issue where the Manjaro forgets user password, but it seems to happen after the OS has been running for a bit and it helps if I restart. I’ve had it happen both on sudo and on lockscreen. On lockscreen if I log out and go to the switch users screen, after it failing, and I type in the password there it just doesnt respond even to say my password is incorrect, it kinda just freezes but with the mouse still able to move. On the lockscreen it does say password incorrect and the same sometimes on sudo too, and I am sure that the password is being typed correctly, also restarting helps for a bit until it happens again later.

I am on Manjaro 21.0.7, using an intel core i5 on a HP Elitebook Laptop. I have tried reinstalling the distro with no help. I had a swap partition both times and Im wondering if I should try without, its been a lot of tedious effort reinstalling programs though.

It’s different for each Desktop Environment, which you didn’t provide.

Generally it requires Numlockx package, and works out of the box or requires additional steps, depending of your DE.

On a GNU system the hashed passwords live in the file /etc/shadow and this file is a root only file - you can’t even read it using a normal user account.

The system is never forgetting a password - inputting the wrong password is easy and one thing to remember is - the input is highly depending on which keyboard layout in use when creating the password.

Another issue can be a worn keyboard - the cheap type with bubble keys - so every now and then the keypress is not registered.

I thought I posted on the kde subforum but apparently not?

Cant be the case, restarting my computer always fixed the issue

This Issue may actually be fixed, I updated Manjaro to 21.1.0 and I haven’t noticed it yet.

Password issues are frequent on KDE - and because of that it is highly recommended to use a different passwords for root and user.