Manjaro for Volla Phone?

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I’m using Manjaro XFCE since a couple of months (switching from LinuxMint, which I used for a couple of years). Since my current phone is breaking down little by little, I searched for Linux phones on the market and found Librem5 and PinePhone, at first.

The Librem5 I find too expensive for its specs, and my “problem” with PinePhone is, that it seems to be mainly intended for developers, and not for everyday usage. But I was pretty excited to see the Manjaro edition of PinePhone and was shortly before ordering it. But further search brought me to the Volla Phone, which is now available to purchase. It comes with either Volla OS (an AOSP) or Ubuntu Touch installed.

And since my daily driver on PC and Laptop is Manjaro, I was wondering, whether there is some development ongoing to make Manjaro not just available for PinePhone, but also for Volla Phone?

Depends on what you’re expecting from the finished article.

Also, it would be good to know how Hallo Welt Systeme intend to provide Ubuntu. A couple of new phones stating they will provide Linux/Ubuntu support have done so by using Halium, such as the F(x)tec Pro1. I’m not aware of any Linux phone devices that don’t use Halium, other than the PinePhone or Librem5. However, I’m not a Manjaro ARM dev, so I defer to those with greater knowledge than me.

Thanks, you gave me the keyword I needed to find the answer here in the forum.

As I read, Ubuntu Touch on Volla Phone uses Halium. And when searching for “Halium” here in the forum, I found this answer of @spikerguy, that Manjaro ARM via Halium is currently being tested, but in a very early stage.

About what I am expecting: it does not need to be a completely Android-free Phone/OS. For me it’s more important, that there are usable alternatives to (“Google”-)Android. Also I was not expecting a finished OS, yet. And I am willing to help with testing.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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No worries. Glad I got you pointed in roughly the right direction.