Manjaro for Raspberry pi 3 and 2

Hey everyone!

Is there any chance manjaro will come with support for raspberry pi 2 and 3

I don’t know about rpi 2, but rpi 3 should work with iso for rpi 4.


RPi2 will not boot with a 64bit kernel.

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Ok thanks for the help! :smiley:

It seems that there did exist a version for raspberry pi 2 and 3 from around 2017 here. I dug as far as going to the internet archives but still did not find anything there, better stick to the arch version for the same. :slight_smile:

Use one of the current rpi4 images for the pi3. The pi2 has an ARMv7 chip so it will not work with our current images as they are for the pi’s with the ARMv8 chip.

For your pi3 (Select a Raspberry Pi 4 image):