Manjaro for low spec tablet

Hi i have low spec pc zbox bi324 and two win8 tablets,

i try manjaro as livecd and its best what i see,…
now i have few questions:
GNOME edition i will use

  1. how manjaro manage swap partition, swap file, swap part, or witthout?
  2. its posible install manjaro to 64bit cpu but only paired with 1G memory
  3. i must use DD command not unetbootin?
    my machines are
    zbox bi324 with dualceleron paired with 4G mem
    yoga 2 tablet w8 2G mem - i want try it maybe will works and wil lbe fun
    umax/chuwi tablet with 1G mem - less fun but i want try

when i use ubuntu i mount iso copy all content to fat32 formated usb drive. but in manjaro when i am not wrong is needed DD direct write image to usb:? how to ad bootia32 to usb


The way you want it. You can use systemd-swap or even better zram-generator

you might not have the desired outcome from it …

unetbootin will not help you at all, but you can use imagewriter instead of dd command.

Unless there is someone that specifically tested those, and has some hints to share, there will be not much to talk about.

Check the archived forum for that

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