Manjaro - Feedback - some issues

Maybe because we don’t know, and you probably didn’t keep track of everything you have done, and as it is a 5 days old installation, the proper thing would be to reinstall in the end, if you’re willing to give it another try. This way you start clean, you can then setup an initial snapshot from TimeShift (dont do the automatic snapshots, take a snapshot before a “yolo” change, or a big system update), and in case something breaks you could go back to the snapshot system state (I know I already said to get your issues fixed, but in the end starting over, and clean, could be a better idea, as the system is just freshly installed).

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I give Manjaro another try but the switch user bug (when having only one user) does not seem to be fixed by default:
434370 – Switch user fails
The bug exists since March.
Is there an option to hide this/these option(s)? I don’t need them currently and I want to avoid accidentally clicks.

Greetings ! That was quite an intro’ for a newbie… :thinking:

I’ve been running GNU/Linux since 2017 after leaving Windows. I’ve no regrets, personally. Even after a small series of minor niggles over the years, some of them my own fault being a newbie, of course. Which, I might add, is normal, and requires that you attempt to do a bit of investigative work on The Forum and Wiki(they’re literal gold mines of information).

There’s no reason why you can’t survive the transition over to Manjaro: I did after starting out on Linux Mint(Cinnamon). I’ve tried out plenty of DE’s and run Manjaro KDE as a daily driver. And it’s as stable as any decent rolling release can get. Manjaro IS stable, and KDE is highly polished.

It might be that at the end of the day an LTS distro’ might be better suited to your needs and expectations.

Semper Fi! :v:


Can you try to set this settings in the following file



Reboot and see if you have the same behavior when trying to logout/login.

PS: better start opening new thread for each next issue now, because one thread for multiple issue is not really accepted in forum rules.

original is ini, so .d/xx.conf is also ini file :wink:


can test:

  • systemctl restart systemd-logind
  • loginctl show-user

Hello! Well, my post was a summary. Somehow, Manjaro runs flawlessly now. If there will still be issues, I can reopen the problems, of corse.

Regarding the Switch user options, there is a post from 9th October, but by now no solution. I link it here.
Black screen when using switch user or logout