Manjaro fails after installing base-devel

Hello. I installed manjaro kde today. I then made: sudo pacman -Syy, then, I installed binutils. Then I installed base devel. Then nearly everything stopped working, includin pacman, saying that glibc is missing. Please, what can I do?

Never do this without a u at the end, you’d be highly risking a partial update, which is why you might be having issues.

To explain: Using y refreshes your database from your mirrors. Your mirrors might have new package versions. Because you’re installing a package using -Syy, it’s probably a new package version, but because you didn’t use -Syyu, you have older versions of all of your packages and libraries that are incompatible.

pacman -S is fine if you have already updated your system recently. To be safe, always use pacman -Syu or pacman -Syyu to install a package and update.

Try to refresh your mirrors and reupdate to see if that fixes anything

sudo pacman-mirrors -f 5 #updates mirrorlist and ranks by speed up to 5 mirrors
sudo pacman -Syyu #syncs, refreshes mirrors, updates


Missed this. Try doing this:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f 5
pamac upgrade

pamac uses a different library than pacman iirc, so it might work. It should be preinstalled on your system.

Worse comes to worst, I think the best option is to just reinstall Manjaro and remember to always use pacman -Syu or pacman -Syyu in the future.

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