Manjaro either not booting or unusable

Hello there, this evening I bought a new pc and hopped onto it to install Manjaro real quick just to be hit by a big dilemma:

While booting the live USB it would get stuck because the PC has a Ryzen 5 5500U which is badly supported by older versions. Indeed, downloading the latest did get me to boot and install Manjaro flawslessly.
BUT the PC also has a NIC which would require an r8168 driver and Manjaro by default comes with only r8169 which does not work, and so I can’t use neither wifi or ethernet, thus without the possibility to install the correct driver in some way.

So I can’t install older ISOs because it would not boot and can’t install newer ones because I would get stuck here. I’ve used manjaro for quite some time now and I would be uncomfrotable hopping away now, anyone can help me?

EDIT: seems that the missing driver is actually RTL8852AE, I’m invastigating it further but any help regardinh its installation with no internet is appreciated

EDIT2: this problem affects all distros. best solution is to tether via USB and install the drivers from the aur, solved in minutes after hours wasted

Thanks for posting solution, which AUR package did you use?

I have a similar problem and have to reinstall wireless driver every time a new kernel is installed.

You need to install rtw89-dkms-git to get that to work. I heard it’ll just work out of the box on kernel 5.16 though, but that isn’t out yet.

You can download the package on another computer or phone, and transfer it to your computer, and build the package.