Manjaro drops iPhone tethering

Auto Ethernet option from NetworkManager Applet is not working consistently. Loading keeps going although iPhone shows the connection is established so as via command idevicepair validate (SUCCESS: validated pairing with device …). After minute or so loading stops. With other GNU+Linux distros I did it manually with idevicepair pair. I have had tethering working but why sometimes it works and sometimes not… no idea… This time in order to get it working had to restart iPhone.
Can someone share experience with iPhone tethering? Do you do it with Auto Ethernet? Do you enable Personal Hotspot option form iPhone menu when USB is plugged in computer?

I have only owned one iPhone years ago. I think this is most likely an iPhone specific issue as I have never experienced any issues when using Android phones.

Another question to ask is - does your provider block tethering?

It is not unheard that a telecom provider is blocking tethering - one can guess on the reasons - but one could be to force computer users to use landlines or dedicated connections using a separate sim either with a dongle or built-in WWAN adapter.

Well, on macOS tethering is flawless, while on Manjaro the solution is phone reboot :confused:

Our next releases of iPhone will be much better tho. :upside_down_face:

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On the pinephone it works fine.

Glad to hear! Manjaro is the dream!