Manjaro doesnt reboot after installing new kernel

Yesterday i installed kernel 5.9, before which 5.8 was running. After that, when i rebooted, the pc got stuck at the logo screen. So, i assume that installing 5.9 has caused me this trouble. For now, i am only able to use my live manjaro via which i have also managed to get access to the grub menu. But what should i do now? Can something be done on the grub command line? Someone please save me… I want my old files back

PS: I checked some of the similar posts. There was something about manjaro-chroot-a and i have done that. Heres what it looks like.16016179285231128138805714153714|230x500

reboot the machine, in the grub Advanced Menu, choose the 5.8 kernel and boot. it should lead you to your environment. you can safely uninstall linux59 using manjaro-settings-manager OR

sudo mhwd-kernel -r linux59
from terminal

@rvc The fallback one?

Yes. 5.9 is Experimental

@rvc Even after selecting the 5.8 kernel, nothings changed. The pc is still stuck at the logo screen :frowning:

try the fallback mode. if that also fails, then
can you boot off the usb and chroot ?
if yes then chroot into your installation. try to reinstall linux 58.
then update-grub.

@rvc I removed linux59 and I ‘reinstalled’ linux58. But still nothings changed. Or should i make a fresh installation of linux58 after taking backup. Has it finally come to that? 16016324879661916623664665100380|230x500

you have updated system.
did you update grub ?

in the chroot environment.

sudo grub-install /dev/sda ##[presuming your device is sda]

sudo update-grub
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I tried that as well

@rvc Actually, i think something has gone wrong with the x-server. This is just my guess. Have a look at this.

PS: I am atleast able to access the tty terminals

are you dual booting alongside windows ?
if YES then check if windows is installed in uefi OR legacy bios

if manjaro is in uefi, [presuming its the only OS installed], did you allocate /boot/efi partition in fat32 fs of about 256 MB ? if you are dual booting with windows and windows is having efi partition as /dev/sda1, you should also allocate manjaro /boot/efi poiting to that same partition. update-grub means it should be listing the kernel to boot from along with other OS [if installed and os-prober is able to identify]

post output of
efibootmgr -v ## chroot environment
so solution can be found easier than just presumption

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@rvc Mine was originally a windows machine. Then i removed it. Currently i am having just manjaro on my pc. Here’s the output you had asked for.

if you dont wish to have windows, i would suggest you to re-install,
but erase disk and let manjaro handle the stuff with swap option.

if you wish to do manually, allocate 512MB /dev/sda1 [for /boot/efi in fat32 for manjaro efi]
some 50gb for / and [your convenience] of swap then allocate rest as /home.

during installation dont forget to point /dev/sda1 as /boot/efi

further, your boot current is 002 whereas it should point 3