Manjaro doesn't load xfce GUI after kernel upgrade

You can try to force the re-installation of the 5.15 kernel, as well as the Nvidia drivers.

Or even just use the bombastic approach and just force the re-installation of all packages and reboot.

Was your upgrade interrupted? Looks like it’s an incomplete system.

Did you make any Timeshift backups? If so, another option is to rollback to a previous snapshot, and then re-try updating the system from there.

Good news winnie, following your advice I ran:
sudo pacman -S linux515-nvidia-390xx --overwrite=*
And the GUI is restored whoo hoo
Seems like the problem was due an incomplete upgrade after run
sudo pacman -Syu
Thanks a lot for all your help

Awarding yourself with a Solution to a recommendation another user provided?



well, put the command i ran to one of your messages and i give you the solution tag without problems
my idea was that anyone who visits the entry get an idea of what command run to solve the issue

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