Manjaro doesn't have privacy-focused browsers in its repos

I know I'm late to the party on this, but this is exactly what I look for before even trying a distro...the ability to install a privacy/security focused browser. And of course, developer(s) here basically talk just like Void Linux developers.

"Just another browser, too much work and time to do it and maintain it. Just use Google, Chromium, and Firefox (which all have telemetry in them and spy anyway), then you you the user is supposed to do all the manual tweaks yourself to Firefox to get the telemetry shut off.

I was a die-hard Brave browser fanboy for longest time and wouldn't even install a distro that didn't have Brave browser in their repos. And then was even after distros that didn't have systemd in them. Which really cuts down on my options.

More recently I've even decided that Brave isn't going to be the best privacy focused browser, that Ungoogled-Chromium will be. (Thanks to many people for changing my mind on Brave...) But now Ungoogled-Chromium is almost a struggle to find in distros, and the developer of Ungoogled-Chromium is mostly geared towards Debian distros cause that's what he uses.

I did notice an Arch binary from him though, not sure if it will work or not?

Kinda glad I found this thread first before install Manjaro, then don't have to waste time installing it to be disappointed in long run. Just another distro with systemd in it, and doesn't have Ungoogled-Chromium in the repos.

Would be nice if all distros drop the herpes virus (systemd) from their hot chick girlfriends (distros) along with the cancer cells (Google, Firefox, Chromium) and replace them with good cells (just Ungoogled-Chromium). Then you'd have a step in right direction for privacy for your users out-of-box.

Not... "Welcome to my distro, here's Firefox out-of-box, it will spy/do telemetry on you, like Windows 10 does... and we don't care about you the user, just as long as you use our distro. We're too lazy to drop 3 spy/telemetry browsers and replace it with one Ungoogled-Chromium."

My as well just upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and use Google and Firefox and be done with it. No point in switching to linux for privacy /security, it's not much different than Windows 10 anyway. Set up cameras in bathroom and shower and let it record and send the copies to Google and Mozilla and ■■■■■■■■■ and other companies to save them the trouble of getting it or trying finding it...just focus on helping to make their spying on us all easier for them. "Here I am tech giants, I'm nude, I'm beating the monkey, I'm showering and ■■■■■■■■■■ here's pics and videos... "


While I am all for adding ungoogled chromium to the repos, it has some serious functionality compromises that would make it difficult for it to be the default browser for a distro like Manjaro.

I actually think, at least today, Firefox is doing a pretty good job with privacy. It only takes a few quick tweaks to disable all the telemetry.

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What you said above there @dalto is exactly what I was saying to devs of various distros. But it's not just about that either, it's about having a choice to install what you (the user) would like to install.

I thought linux was all about having choices and free to make whatever choices you want and to use what you want. But apparently it's not the case... cause if the developers REFUSE and REJECT to put all these various programs/software into their repos, they're in sense refusing and rejecting your ability of having a choice/freedom to choose what you want. It limits you to certain distros only.

Well, the Void Linux devs don't want privacy focused browsers in their repos.
Well, the Manjaro devs don't want privacy focused browsers in their repos.
Well, OpenSuse devs don't want privacy focused browsers in their repos.
Well, Blah devs don't want privacy focused browsers in their repos.
Well, Blah2 devs don't want privacy focused browsers in their repos.
Well, Blah3 devs don't want privacy focused browsers in their repos.

Well... what options do I have.. Oh right, WINDOWS!! At least with Windows I can install what I want and have the freedom and choice to use what I want.. it's not stripped away, like living in 1984 communist gov't regime /totalitarian.

I'd be more eager to use distros of any flavour if they were about having many things in their repos for users to choose from.

Install it from the AUR?

We have the AUR.
The AUR hosts both ungoogled-chromium (which you must compile .. take hours on decent specs) and ungoogled-chromium-bin (precompiled, but not from the official developer .. sometimes lags behind in updates).

Thats pretty darn available though for something that isnt in the repos because less than 5% of the userbase cares about it.

That is irrational and out of line.
"In the repos" means someone builds it for you. It doesnt mean what is 'allowed'. You are 'allowed' to have ungoogled-chromium, and even enabled by the AUR to have it even easier than if you had to get it from source, or GASP apply the patches to a chromium build yourself.

i thought that was broke? lol. does that link above there give a working arch package to install?

Also, it still doesn't solve the whole freedoms/choice stripping and robbing of users. If developers refuse to put many things in their repos.. the users choices are limited to nothing.

We must have different definitions of "decent". :grin:

It takes 10 minutes on my desktop.

In what way? I am using ungoogled-chromium from the AUR.

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that's another issue, the public needs educated on it all. most don't know it or think about it. like using windows 10 and not knowing about telemetry going on. like using android and other normal cell phones that do same thing.. like using facebook, twitter, and etc the same thing. most don't know the dangers of it all.. they just use it anyway. or if they do know, they're complacent.

Then go forth and educate the masses.
Telling developers that they arent doing a good job or are totalitarian for not bowing to your whim is just .. ugh.. this is so nonsensical.

Like .. I really think you need to re-grasp reality here.

You are free to use whatever browser you want. You can compile it. You can use the AUR thanks to other users. You can install catalyst and destroy your system. If you like. Just because you want to doesnt mean volunteers should work on or force it upon others. Werent you the one complaining about totalitarianism ? ..

Or do you just not understand the way software/installation/support/repos/etc work ?


I'm not a browser builder guy man, I'm just normal user of a distro that would like various options available from repos or whatever. It's funny though how Ungoogled-Chromium is hard for someone to build, but Chromium is always there in most all repos of any distro. Ungoogled is basically a clone of Chromium without the telemetry stuff. If people just dropped the Chromium for Ungoogled and they'd only have one "chromium" like before but with perks of no telemetry in it.

And no I can't spend hours and days educating the masses, I have grandmother that needs watched after and a handicapped son every weekend that needs tended too as well. You're taking this off what I'm saying and reversing it back to me.

I'll think about it, and maybe give Manjaro a try once.. Is it possible to try and install that Arch package above there in live cd mode from usb stick? lol

It is way more than that. It has all google functionality stripped from it. You can't even use the extension store.

On Manjaro, it is easily installed from AUR. The repos are maintained by a small group of volunteers and unless one of them takes personal interest in it, it won't get added. Manjaro doesn't have the manpower to add every package.

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So again .. you just dont understand how this works.

ungoogled is a patch set.
It takes the chromium source and builds it a certain way.
And guess what? that recipe is available in the AUR.
Takes too long or something?
A volunteer in the AUR made the already-built one available (in their spare time ... so it can lag)

yay -S ungoogled-chromium
yay -S ungoogled-chromium-bin

Now .. even if there was enough desire for a dev to allocate similar time to compile this and put it in the repos .. what would be the point? Its already available for the minority who want it.


thanks for the info and little kick to my backside about everything lol. just been frustrated in general lately... guys like you wake me back up to reality again which is what i need some times lol. :stuck_out_tongue: I'll give manjaro a try then, probably tomorrow.


Ha :sweat_smile:

By decent I mean .. atleast 2 cores and manufactured within the last ~10 years

'Powerful' would mean 4 cores minimum and maybe within ~7 years

..different definitions might be the culprit. I got low bars and high expectations.


After reading the OP this makes me happy.

Good job both @cscs and @dalto. Perfect.

Thread split from Iridium Browser or Ungoogled Chromium as OP is a rant.