Manjaro does not start after booting Windows

Hi there. It happens to me that when I want to dual boot between Windows and Manjaro Gnome, everything is fine at first, but if at some point I choose to boot Windows, Manjaro does not work, it stays on the loading screen permanently.

Occurs on a Lenovo IdeaPad S145, with an Intel i 5-1035G4

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please, make sure to switch off Fastboot in Windoze and firmware. Windows must be fully shutdown, otherwise the file system on the disk could stay in a hibernate state which makes problems in a dual boot situation. Here is also a tutorial for Lenovo devices.


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I already did, should I do a clean install of Manjaro again or would it not be necessary?

Try to boot into Windoze and fully poweroff. Then check if you can now boot into Manjaro.Usually, there is no need to reinstall. If this is not working you should look for firmware settings like Fast or Quick boot and disable them as well.

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Thanks! It worked, at the moment everything works except the touchpad :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sometimes touchpad do not work for some weird reason in some machines. Kernel or the kind of hardware of the touchpad. I really don’t know.
To recover the touchpad, my solution is close the lid for one minute and then log in and try touchpad. Most of the time this tip work, but sometimes you need close the lid several times. or wait until Manjaro load all controllers.
Hope helps

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