Manjaro disable auto login

How to disable auto login? The logo screen of my asus pop up 3 times before login how to fix it?

I am sorry …
This 2 things seem unrelated.
What exactly do you want to ‘fix’ ?

Welcome @sijae

Like @cscs is saying those things are completely unrelated.

I did not know that after a install auto login is activated by default, but then again I used architect so there could be some different whit other ISO’s

I mean auto login means after starting the system you end up in your desktop without the need of a password of login name. Is that the case and is that what you want to get fixed?

The second point seems te be related to Grub I guess you installed Grub as boot manager but you dont see it when you start the pc/laptop. All you see is 3 times the logo screen and then you are directed to your Manjaro install. Is that correct?

Well in that case all you need to do is rebuild Grub.
Open a terminal and run

sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

your grub file will be rebuild and will point to the correct drives.